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Dear Parents/Caregivers and Whanau

This term, we begin our Maths Programme by learning more about Measurement.  The children have been busy creating tables which show the data they are collecting.  We will post some photos of the Measuring over the next few days.
They have also started some sketches of lovely Autumn Leaves which they will use to put with their published writing.
In Reading, we are working on reading for Meaning and building on Vocabulary.
I see we have a new friend in our room already as we begin our study on Mini Beasts for Integrated Studies.  We welcome Percy, the preying mantis to Room 1!

I am looking forward to another term full of busy learning with the children.
We will visit the Town Library again this term, so please get your child a Library Card, if you are able to.  There is a Teacher Only Day on Tuesday next week.

Yours in Learning.
Mrs Mackey


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