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Showing posts from October, 2014

Senior Syndicate Assembly

Congratulations to these poeplewho were awarded certificates  at our assembly on Thursday.

Town Library Visit

We love going to the Town Library!We went today with Mrs Gomm and Room 2.

Literature Circles

Today we had a quick meeting to get everyone  started with their novel for the literature circles in reading. The books are being devoured by the Rm 1 readers. We will have our first circle time next Tuesday.

Museum Visit

Today Room 1 went to the museum.  Koka Amber told us the story of the waka Horouta  and how the kumara came to Aotearoa. We acted out the story. There are some talented actors in Rm1!

Grass Skis

Term 4 started with a spot of cooperative work in Room 1. Grass skis ask for team work and coordination. Here is Rm1 having fun in the sun with the grass skis.

Gotcha Trade In Day

lots and lots of gotchas to trade in...  a fun time for all as their reward...

Privilege Day

Room 1 earned their Privilege day.  They enjoyed a shared lunch as well...