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Showing posts from November, 2014

Town Library

Today was our last visit to theTown Library for this year.

Paikea - Retold by Room 1

Room 1 have retold the story of Paikea. They worked in their cooperative groups. They chose the best retelling then made Google Drawings of the story. The drawings were pulled together in YouTube Editor to make the movie. What do you think of their retelling?

Powtoon App

Today Rm1 started making a cartoon video using Powtoon App. They are making a cartoon About how to run a  Student-Led Conference. They have to make it so it can be read by students in the Middle or Junior Syndicates. Do you like cartoons or comics?

Literature Circles

Most of us are in a Literature Circle this term.  We are reading novels and get together to talk  about characters, setting and plot.

100 Nights of Reading

We have a Rm 1 readerget to 100 nights o9f reading!  Way to go Kasey.