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Year 6 Gisborne Intermediate Open Visit

Today the Year 6 students went to Gisborne Intermediate for the day,
Here is the Video of the day

Swimming has started

Here are a couple of photos of Room 1 enjoying their first swim for Term 4

Room 14 visitors..

On Wednesday. we had visitors from Room 14 join us for the morning. We did lots of buddy activities around the Rugby World Cup! Room 1 always prove to be great role models for the younger students!

Awapuni Rugby 7s

Green team

Today the green team worked hard at creating a vision map of Awapuni School,, We will be working on this again in a week to finish it...  This will be displayed in the school hall for everyone to see

Here are a few photos from Room 1 at Beach Clean up today


Room 1 had an enjoyable morning learning cricket skills with Mel and Ben from PB Cricket Union.

Mind lab term 3

Room 1 went to the mind lab last week,
They had lots of fun and were super excited to be there 

Cross country 2015

All Blacks

All blacks fun day with Room 1

Calendar art

Room 1 is spending the day being artist... They are creating pictures ready for their calendar art

Spelling in Room 1

Today Room 1 practiced spelling this week's spelling words using sign language 

Green team Project

Today students from the Green Team went out and planted more native trees and flax around the school.


Today Room 1brainstormed Matariki with Mrs Torrie. Here is a Padlet with their responses on it. Created with Padlet


Room 1 is getting creative writing poems using magazines... 

Scientist in Room 1

This morning Room one students worked in groups to discover chemical reactions 

Garden make over

Room 1 and the Green Team went out and spent the afternoon in the Garden with Kauri today...
The students put together a compost bin, worm farm and wheelbarrow all without help of a teacher.
All students worked hard and got into getting muddy.
Everyone gave 100% which showed with the end result looking amazing

Re-think Center

Today Room 1 went to the Re-Think Center,
Here we learnt about how long it takes different items to disintegrate..

How long does it take Leather to disintegrate?

Cooperative work

Room one spent time this afternoon working as a team to get across the floor only using equipment Miss Wallis gave us


Room 1 had fun playing soccer with Blake today

Experiments in room 1

We had fun making sherbet today Everyone had try the ingredients alone before mixing it together 

Explanation writing

Room 1 started to learn about how to write explanation writing today,We watched a clip about bees and how they make honey before we went and made our own explanation writing about the process

Room 1 revisits our Anzac Day topic

Today Miss Beattie brought memorabilia that her Dad had received from the 100th Centenary in  Gallipoli. There were souvenir medals, maps, information booklets, admission passes and lots of postcards. We then wrote powerful sentences about one particular postcard. Check out our student blogs to see what we created!